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Here is where you will find all released and upcoming collections. Each image is linked to the appropriate marketplace. All collections contains a provenance hash to prove the assets that exist on-chain were the same assets that were initially generated

Hyper Jellyz (TBA)

Hyper Jellyz is a 10k collection consisting of over 560 "mouse drawn" traits. It is the first major collection I've created and has yet to be released. Please click the image below to read more about it.


Moontirdz (Minting)

Moontirdz is an NFT collection consisting of 3000 magical bird droppings living on the Ethereum Blockchain and was deployed on an ERC721a contract. Holding a Moontirdz NFT grants you access to the Secret Society of Tirdz and the Moontirdz Coffee Club.


Wipe Buddyz (Minting)

Wipe Buddyz is the second chapter of the Moontirdz Saga. 3000 rolls of toilet paper were deployed on the blockchain to help clean up the mess.

We forgot that Moontirdz are magical dookie beings that can bring inanimate objects to life... like rolls of toilet paper. We're in a bit of situation now. (Perks TBA)

Untitlesdd-1 copy.jpg

High Society Punks (Minting)

High Society Punks is a micro collection of 888 PFP NFTs acting as access passes to highly exclusive low cap collections. More to come with this.


Goblin Ducks (Sold Out)

Goblin Ducks is an unofficial derivative of the Goblintown collection. Goblin Ducks minted out 555 degenerate duck monstrosities in less than 30 minutes and is now available for purchase on secondary. QᵤₐcK QᵤₐcK.

mint page.jpg
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